The booking process was very easy,

4 months ago
I booked with Simply Removals after I received a rediculous quote from another company to move my partner and I from a flat to a house 20 miles away. The booking process was very easy, smooth, efficient and the chap I spoke to was very helpful and friendly.

After I booked, I checked out some reviews online and when I found that the majority were negative; I was very nervous about this company and I wasn’t really looking forward to what awaited me.

The crew of 2 arrived bright and early on Sunday morning and I have to say, they were absolutely fantastic and very friendly.

I showed them around the flat and left them to crack on. They worked seamlessly and tirelessly; taking good care of our relatively new furniture, wrapping items in bubble warp and covering with protective blankets in the van – they even dismantled the wardrobe and bed! They took fantastic care of a table which is over 100 years old and has been passed generation to generation.

Once we all arrived at the new house; again, they were brilliant. Moving the furniture to the rooms we indicated and assembled the bed and wardrobe. We all took a lemmondaide break and had a good chat and after the stories they told us, I really don’t believe the negative comments against this company are solely down to the company them selves.

I would definitely use this firm again and I would most certainly recommend this company to friends. Thanks for all your hard work guys and taking the stress out of moving!